Infection Prevention and Control

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Annual statement 2024-2025

Medwyn’s is committed to the control of infection within the building and in relation to the clinical procedures carried out within it. This statement has been produced in line with the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and details the practice’s compliance with guidelines on infection control and cleanliness between the dates of 01/04/2023 and 31/03/2024.

IPC lead for the practice is Hannah Woodards (Practice Nurse)

IPC deputy is Joanna Seidel-Haas (Practice Nurse)

From 2024, this annual statement will be generated in April each year and will summarise:

  • Any infection transmission incidents and actions taken
  • Details of IPC audits/risk assessments undertaken and actions taken
  • Details of staff training  Details of IPC advice to patients
  • Any review/update of IPC policies and procedures 

IPC Incidents

There was one incident regarding IPC in 2023 relating to the perceived need to wear gloves whilst taking blood. The practice conducted a thorough review and sort independent advice and it was agreed that current best practice advices that there is no requirement to wear gloves whilst taking blood and that good hand hygiene practices should be followed prior and after sampling as per the 5 moments of hand hygiene.

Staff Training

All staff have been allocated annual IPC training in 2023, with an 89% completion rate. IPC issues/updates are discussed regularly throughout the year in clinical/practice meetings and a monthly IPC newsletter was commenced in April 2024 so that the IPC lead can share information. Staff are encouraged to raise any IPC concerns with any of the managers or IPC lead.

Audits IPC

Audit undertaken Mach 2023, audit report available upon request.

Hand Hygiene Audits

Hand Hygiene audits are to be recommenced from April 2024 and results are available upon request. Staff are aware of the importance of hand hygiene in reducing healthcare associated infections and posters are displayed around the surgery.

Waste and Sharps

Audits Waste and Sharps Audits are completed annually, with the process for sharp injury displayed in all clinical rooms.

Cleaning Audits

Cleaning audits are completed monthly and results are available on request. 

Cold Chain Review

  • Cold Chain Policy in place
  • Nursing staff were aware how to order, receive and care for vaccines
  • Vaccines close-to-expiry stock are clearly labelled and vaccines continues to be rotated in date order.
  • Fridges have internal temperature readings inside the fridges and information downloaded weekly.
  • A medical grade Cold Box is available in the practice in case emergency transfer of vaccinations is required.
  • Fridge temperatures continues to be checked twice a day
  • Audit of cold chain methods to be determined

Practice Annual IPC Audit

The last Annual IPC Audit was completed in March 2024. The following improvements were undertaken and are now in place further to these audits:

  • The practice is to start publishing Annual IPC Statement in their website.
  • Cleaning schedule reviewed and updated
  • Recommence regular hand hygiene audit
  • Update IPC signage around practice, in clinical rooms and patient areas
  • Review of storage for clinical equipment, dressings and medicine, new shelving ordered and now in place.
  • IPC is a standard agenda item on our Multidisciplinary Meetings.

Covid-19 Response

The following actions have been implemented in response to Covid-19 to keep our staff and patients safe: Staff who work with patients wear masks when necessary, and maintain good hand hygiene. Patients are requested to complete a covid test before coming to the surgery if they have covid-like symptoms

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are performed on a required basis. We have done the Covid 19 risk assessments and Display screen assessment for all staff members. Health and safety risk assessment is done on annual basis and COSHH risk assessment carried out within the last 12 months.

IPC Policy

The IPC Policy has been reviewed and updated and is available on request.